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Cool Foxes Club


Welcome to the
Little Mutant Dogs

The Little Mutant Dogs is a wonderful and unique collection of 3,333 located on the Solana blockchain.

Join an ambitious ever-growing community with multiple benefits and utilities.

Owning them will make you feel so cool.

Special Editions

Specially Created For You

The Special edition of the Little Mutant Dogs are the rarest NFTs. All of them are hand drawn and created entirely for you.

Cool Foxes Club


The Mutant Dogs have landed on crypto World.

Cool Foxes Club

10 NFT gifts for 10 Discord Members.

Cool Foxes Club

Physical product giveaway among
Little Mutant Dogs owners.

Cool Foxes Club

Special Editions Giweaway.
Community events.

Cool Foxes Club

Solana giveaway will be distributed among the community.

Cool Foxes Club

Early access will be given to the new Mutants collection, exclusive to Little Mutant Dogs owners.

Cool Foxes Club

Launch of the new collection on the Solana Network. This collection will contain surprises.

Why should I join Little Mutant Dogs?

There are other benefits that come with being a Little Mutant Dogs NFT owner.

Cool Club Community

Owning a Little Mutant Dogs NFT means you are a family member. We aim to create a strong community so you can meet new people and chat about the project.

Cool Foxes Club

They are so cool and totally rare and unique. Owning them will make you feel so cool.

Cool Foxes Club

As the owner of the Little Mutant Dogs, you can donate to charities. We will use some of our sales to donate to charities. If you want to be a part of it, get yourself an NFT.Each LMD will Cost 0.05 SOL.


Little Mutant Dogs was created by a team: We named the team Mutants Club. We are committed to providing the best experience and making this project a success.

Cool Foxes Club NFT
Cool Foxes Club NFT
Cool Foxes Club NFT
Cool Foxes Club NFT